LRT's productions of new and classic plays are driven by innovative direction, canny design and great acting. Audiences share in a unique theatrical intimacy that draws each observer into a more personal relationship with the play.

-- Our first New York production --


by Jason Wells

Directed by Randolyn Zinn

with Michael Broadhurst, Curzon Dobell, Ken Forman, Benim Foster, & Allen McCullough

"Living Room Theatre's production, confidently helmed by company co-founder Randolyn Zinn, thrills and horrifies with well-timed morbid comedy and constantly shifting power dynamics."

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Under Randolyn Zinn's fine tuned direction, the five cast members do a beautiful job of balancing the twin foci of the alarming nature of the murderous plot and their increasingly farcical behavior."

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From our audience:

Christopher McCann in Exit the King

"Spirited, adventurous, joyful and serious. Zinn and her entire team have done wonders. How we love them!" 

-- Willard Boepple


"This year's production of Exit The King was simply magical. The hallucinogenic scene-scape that Zinn and her team created will stay with us for a long time. Get thee to North Bennington! It is well worth the journey.

–- Brett Aresco & Briana Pozner

Tom Coiner & LIzzie King-Hall in Strindberg's Playing With Fire.

Tom Coiner & LIzzie King-Hall in Strindberg's Playing With Fire.

"I suspect that what Living Room Theatre is doing is akin to what the Williamstown Theatre Festival must have been like in its early years."

-– Jonathan Marballi