Local. Seasonal. Organic. Pastured. Unprocessed. Unpackaged.

From lunchtime repasts to post-performance nibbles, delicious meals nourish LRT artists.  

Our focus on food began with rehearsals for The Seagull when Randolyn made lunch for the cast every day, then she orchestrated a picnic for a scene that doesn’t appear in the play: Konstantin’s 12th birthday party. Rocky (Masha) baked traditional Russian cookies (his favorite) and wrote a poem. Mike (Konstantin) penned a short play. With wine, a basket packed with Russian cheese, black bread and grapes, a tradition was born. 

 The cast and crew of  The Cherry Orchard  eating lunch al fresco.

The cast and crew of The Cherry Orchard eating lunch al fresco.

Sharing food is caring and promotes the social bond. Good meals spur good conversation. Eating real food grown in these Vermont fields fills us with light. Eating together is an embodied experience that translates to our work onstage.

Allen's first night Green Mountain cocktail gets the ball rolling! (watch out!) 

Randolyn’s Spanish Torta with Gazpacho (top-left)

Grilled spice-rubbed lime chicken with various green garden salads.

Rocky’s zucchini ribbons ratatouille

Mike’s Shakshuka with local farm eggs and assorted quick pickles (middle-left)

Italian tuna with capers, red onion and kidney beans drizzled with balsammic vinegar

Salade Nicoise

Polina’s Russian vegetable pie

Falafel with chopped garden greens, tomatoes, and guacamole in fresh pita

Slow-cooked pork butt -- Momofuku-style from David Chang.

Cucumber salad 24/7 because the garden overfloweth…(bottom-left)

Rocky & Mike’s turkey meatballs!

Vegan Cherry Orchard Chocolate Cake – the cake we think Chekhov would love.

Vegan, no-gluten brownies: MUCH better than the other kind.

Everyone helps, from chopping to clean-up. During tech week, local volunteers bring over gorgeous dinners. 

2018 NEWS: We're thrilled that Katherine Keyes of the Youth Agricultural Project has offered to grow our vegetables this summer. Thank you!